Instruction for Speakers/ Poster Presentation

[Instruction for Speakers]

1. Session Registration and Uploading Presentation Data
In order to ensure that the program runs smoothly, all speakers are requested to register at the session registration desk no later than 1 hours before their session start.
The Secretariat will provide a PC in conference room. All speakers are requested to bring the data of their presentation on a CD-ROM or a USB memory stick and upload. In case you must use Macintosh or special software except PowerPoint 2003 for presentation, please inform the staff at Session Registration Desk.
The Session Registration Desk located side of the conference room will be open during the following hours:

April 16 8:00-15:30
  April 17 8:30-16:00
  April 18 8:30-17:00

2. Time Allocation
  Presentation Discussion Total
Invited papers 25min 5min 30min
Regular 15min 5min 20min

  • There is no caution to Invited Papers
  • Regular Papers
After a lapse of Number of bell Meaning
15 min
Once Quit the presentation
20 min Twice Quit the discussion
Every 1min Once Warning

3. Equipment for Presentation
Conference rooms are provided with Windows laptop computer with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projector on which Microsoft PowerPoint is installed (OS: Windows XP, English version; Software: Microsoft PowerPoint 2003). All speakers are requested to bring the data of your presentation on a CD-ROM or a USB memory stick to the Session Registration Desk and upload your presentation.
Only CD-ROM in Windows format or USB memory stick is acceptable. The name of file should be labeled with session number and your name as follows:

e.g. Session1_Hidehiro Watanabe.ppt
  * Macintosh and Windows Vista are not available. If you must use one, please bring your own PC.
  ** Please note that the projectors are connected to computers via a D-sub 15-pin plug. If your PC does not use this type of plug, please bring the necessary adaptor with you.
  *** All presentation files will be removed from the PC after each session finishes.

[Instruction for Poster Presentation]

1. Poster Board
Please prepare your poster materials to fit within a 180 x 180 (cm) board.
Make sure your session number (5x-XX) that is available from the "Digest of Papers" which will be distributed at the symposium. Each of them is already posted at the top of the board with a label
Each poster must be labeled with the title, the names of the presenting author and any co-authors, and the name and address of the institution where the research was carried out. Charts, drawings, and other illustrations should be drawn simply and boldly.
Point size 36 is recommended for the title and point size 25 for the authors. The remainder of the poster should be neat and in point size 15 or larger.
Tacks will be available at the session area.

2. Poster Display
Set Up:
All authors are responsible for displaying their materials before the beginning of the Poster Session.
The Panels are available from 9:00 of April 16.
Please remove your poster materials by 17:50 of April 17.
Any posters and business cards remaining after 18:00 will be removed and disposed of by the Secretariat.
  * rogram Committee requests to remain their materials at least until 14:00 of April 17, so that attendees can look through them.
  ** PMJ requests you to control business cards collected in front of your poster by yourself. PMJ cannot keep any personal information due to the privacy policy.

3. Core Time
Poster presentation will be held at Annex Hall, Pacifico Yokohama from 16:00 to 18:30 on April 16.
During this time all presenters are requested to stay in front of their own panels.