September 16-18, 2014

June 24-25, 2014

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PMJ2014 Technical Exhibition

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Terms & conditions

  1. Prohibited transfer of booths
    The exhibitor cannot lend out, sell, exchange, or transfer usage rights of its own booth without the permission of the organizer.
  2. Co-exhibitors
    If two or more applicants exhibit jointly, one of them must submit the application as the representative and notify the organizer of the company names, etc., of the joint exhibitor(s).
  3. Exhibit set-up and removal
    The exhibitor shall carry in and remove all exhibits and displays within the period stipulated by the Organizer. Exhibitors can carry out, move or carry in exhibition items, etc. during the exhibition period only after receiving the express permission of the organizer.
  4. Use of the exhibition hall
    • Publicity and sales activities are limited to within exhibition booths.
    • Exhibitors are responsible to prevent the crowding of aisles near their booths owing to promotions.
    • Exhibitors agree not to decorate or use their booth in a manner interfering with neighboring booths.
    • If the organizer finds any problem with the sound, method of control, materials or other aspects of exhibits, it reserves the right to restrict the display of such items.
    • If the organizer deems that any exhibits contradict the purpose of the fair, the organizer reserves the right to prohibit the showing of or to remove said items.
    • This right extends to persons, items, acts, printed matters and anything else considered problematic.
    • In the event of exercising this right or removal, the organizer shall not be held liable to reimburse the exhibitor in any way.
  5. Exhibition management and waiving of responsibility
    The organizer will do its best to efficiently manage and secure the exhibition as a whole including items displayed by engaging security guards. However, the organizer shall not be held liable to compensate for losses and/or damages resulting from various causes.
  6. Compensation for Damage
    Exhibitors shall be responsible for all damages to the venue facilities, buildings or its personnel owing to negligence on the part of themselves or their agents, or for other reasons.
  7. Show cancellation
    The organizer, based on its own judgment, may change the period of or cancel the exhibition if the land or structure used for the venue becomes inappropriate for use, or if the show is interrupted owing to a legitimate cause. In such cases, the organizer shall not be held liable for resultant damages, cost increases, or any other problems.
  8. Payment
    Exhibitors are to make payment by the date as stipulated on the invoice. Payment is to be made by bank transfer, in Japanese yen with the transfer charges being paid by the exhibitor. Promissory notes and person/company checks are not accepted.
  9. Cancellation charges
    In principle, cancellations will not be accepted after the participation confirmation letter has been sent to contracted exhibitors.
    • After receipt of application form until January 17 (Fri.), 2014: No charge
    • From January 18 (Sat.) to February 28 (Fri.), 2014: 50% of Exhibition Fee
    • After March 1 (Sat.), 2014: 100% Exhibition Fee
  10. Use of PMJ Logo
    Exhibitors wishing to use the Photomask Japan (PMJ) logo mark may do so as long as the following conditions are met:
    • Logo mark is used for the promotion of the Photomask Japan 2014.
    • Valid term for the logo use is from the application date to September 30 (Tue.), 2014
  11. Visa
    Exhibitors needing a Japanese visa to enter Japan are responsible for making their own arrangements including preparing the necessary documentation. The organizer will not issue invitation letters or act as a guarantor for any exhibitors or visitors.
    Exhibitors who cannot exhibit due the inability to obtain a visa (ie. Refusal by Japanese authorities, insufficient process time) shall not have the right to claim against the organizer compensation for damages arising therein.
  12. Observance of regulations
    The exhibitor hereby agrees to observe the regulations set by the organizer as part of this contract and to abide by them. In addition, the exhibitor shall interpret all the regulations set by the organizer as aiming to preserve the benefits of this exhibition and agrees to cooperate in the execution of said regulations.
  13. Changes and additions for the terms
    Exhibitors agree to obey the decision of Photomask Japan about the any matter not provided in these rules.
    Photomask Japan reserves the right to change or add rules by notification to exhibitors when they judge it is necessary for the aim of exhibition.