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  • BACUSSeptember 17- 21, 2018
  • EMLCJune 19- 20, 2018

Photomask Japan Secretariat

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PMJ2018 will be held on April 18(Wed.) - 20(Fri.), 2018.

What's new!

Photomask Japan 2018 is the 25th international symposium on photomasks and NGL masks in Japan. The aim of the symposium is to bring together engineers and investigators from Japan, USA and all over the world in the field of photomasks, NGL masks, and related technologies to discuss recent progress, applications, and future trends. The conference program will feature invited papers, contributed papers and poster sessions. Display opportunities will be provided to mask manufacturing materials, and equipment companies.

Program Summary of Past PMJs (Written in Japanese)


  • Materials for Photomasks
  • Fabrication Process Steps and Equipments for Photomasks (developing, etching, cleaning etc.)
  • Photomask Writing Tools and Technologies including multi-beam EB writer
  • Tools and Technologies for Metrology/Inspection/Repair
  • Technologies and infrastructures for EUVL masks
  • Technologies and infrastructures for NIL masks
  • Technologies and infrastructures for FPD masks
  • Mask Data Preparations, EDA and DTCO
  • Photomasks with RET: PSM, OPC, SMO and Multiple Patterning
  • Photomask-related Lithography Technologies
  • DSA (Directed Self-Assembly) related mask technologies
  • Strategies and Business Challenges: Cost, Cycle-Time, ML2 etc.
  • Mask/Lithography related Technology in Academia (Poster Session)